April 2020 News

April 21st, 2020

Senior Class and Scholarship Websites

The Senior Class 2020 website is http://www.seniorclasshome.weebly.com

The College & Scholarship website is http://www.khscollegeplanning.weebly.com

April 17th, 2020

APSU and TSU waives ACT score for incoming Freshman

The Class of 2020 Graduates attending APSU and TSU will have their ACT score requirement waived for the Summer/Fall 2020 semester in response to the COVID Pandemic and students’ inability to take/retake scheduled spring tests.

Update Posted  4/17/20

April 13th, 2020

All Students – Grades and Make-up work

Updated: 4/14/20

All students should check with their teachers and/or on their Google Classrooms about enrichment activities and make-up work for the 3rd Nine Weeks (N3).

Students failing a class for N3 will have the opportunity to raise their grade to passing by completing the assignments made available by their teachers on Google Classroom.

Seniors, this is especially important for the courses required to graduate!

Please communicate with your teachers or administrators if you have questions.

April 11th, 2020

Stay in touch with Kenwood High School pages on Facebook!

Keep up with the latest info on Kenwood High School information and activities.  “LIKE” the Kenwood High School for updates on school and student activities, important updates, and information.
If you are looking for activities and information during your time at home, “LIKE” the Kenwood High School Library page!
The Kenwood High Band also has a Facebook page that has upcoming events and information as well.

Click here for the Senior Class Website!  http://www.seniorclasshome.weebly.com