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Google Classroom Codes  Pahlas Physical Science

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Ms. Pahlas's Classroom Expectations

Physical Science                    

Welcome to Physical Science!  I hope you are as excited as I am for the upcoming school year! This year we will cover all Physical Science topics according to Tennessee’s science standards. My hope is that with a strong focus of rigor in the classroom and extra support at home we will all have a successful year!


Please review the following expectations and procedures of my classroom carefully.

  1. Come to Class Prepared- bring a pen/pencil and your notebook every day
  2. Comply with all Instructions- given by any adult/staff member in the building
  3. Be Respectful
  4. Be Kind
  5. Be Engaged in Your Academic Career


-If any of these expectations are not followed there will be a corresponding consequence, such as:    *Warning       *Student/Teacher Conference    *Parent Contact    *Counselor Referral     *PBIS Discipline Referral to Administrative Team and Student Record



-Materials These are the materials you must bring to my class EVERY DAY!. Other than the notebook these supplies can be used in your other classes as well.

Traditional & Virtual

  • Composition Notebook (preferably- 100 sheet college ruled)
  • Pen or Pencils
  • Markers or Colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Charged Laptop

-Cell Phones: Students should not be using cell phones during class. They should be put away silenced and out of sight unless given permission to use it. Students will receive one warning. Parents please help keep your student accountable for this expectation.


  • Computers: Students will be using laptops periodically throughout this class. Days students will need laptops I will give prior warning to ensure that their laptops are fully charged and ready to go. This is especially important for test days and benchmark exams. Students should not take out or be using laptops in class unless directed to do so.


  • Grade Policies: Student grades will be calculated on a strict point only system. The gradebook will be updated weekly at a minimum. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the gradebook. See parent letter above in regards to make-up and absent work.

-Parent Contact:  It is always my goal to keep parents informed about things going on in the classroom.

  • Parents: feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. It is important for you to check PowerSchool regularly, please contact me with any questions regarding grades or behavior. The quickest form of contact is my email address [email protected]
  • Class announcements and communication/messaging can also be done through Google Classroom. Please make sure students are signed up for their class period 

-Make-Up Work:
 All make-up work is the student’s responsibility. All work is placed in the Make-up Work Bucket . Students should check their first, and if they have questions come see me before/after school or ask a classmate. If a student missed notes, they may take pictures of a classmates notes.


  • Absent Work: students need to turn in work upon arrival back to school- if work is not made up a zero will be put in the gradebook


  • Late Work: Work is due at the beginning of class (not at the end of the day). Late work will be accepted for half credit for up to 5 days from original turn in date. A zero and a missing tag will be put into PowerSchool. After 5 days no late work will be accepted and the student has earned a ZERO (no exceptions)


-Tests:  Tests are given after the end of completed units.  All tests are announced prior to being given. No talking or cell phones during tests; if caught student will receive a zero. If a student is absent they must schedule a time to make up the test or a zero will be given.


-Cheating:  Cheating is not tolerated in my classroom. If I have reason to believe cheating has taken place on any assignment (test/quiz/homework, etc.) ALL parties will receive a zero with no make-up assignment. This includes but is not limited to taking pictures of other classmates completed assignments and copying work.


-Tutoring:  Please contact me to schedule tutoring time, I am available for most days before or after school.



 Ms. Pahlas



Academic standards, chosen by the Tennessee State Board of Education, provide a common set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do at the end of a specific grade or course.  Local school districts determine the order in which these state-mandated standards are addressed in their schools.  For a breakdown of standard pacing and course objectives for Biology students in the Clarksville Montgomery County School System, please visit the Academic Resources link under the Students & Parents tab on the CMCSS homepage.

The chart below outlines the units of study for Physical Science and possible major assignments or field trips that could be used to enhance student learning or solidify mastery of standards in each unit.  This chart is not inclusive of every assignment for Physical Science, as additional or different assignments may be created based on the needs of students.  Specific details for major assignments will be shared with students and parents or legal guardians as the standards related to the assignments are addressed in class.






Possible Major Assignments

Possible Field Trips






Atoms and

Periodic Table




Chemical Bonds




Chemical Reactions








Acids and Bases








Constant Velocity




Constant Acceleration












Simple Machines




Mechanical Waves




Electromagnetic Waves




It is the policy of the Clarksville Montgomery County School System to follow the dictates of state statues in the selection and use of all instructional materials.  Parents or legal guardians may request to review any instructional materials used in the classroom of the parent or legal guardian’s child following the guideline set forth in Instructional Policy INS-A073 found at: