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May 29th, 2020

All CMCSS Graduation Ceremonies Cancelled


Parents please check your email from CMCSS regarding this decision. If you have not received the email, you can see the information on the CMCSS website.  (

May 21st, 2020

Laptop Returns and Diploma distribution May 26

FINAL DAY!!   Tuesday, May 26, 2020.  Time:  8 AM – 3 PM b@ KHS front parking lot.  Enter ONE WAY from Pine Mountain Road for curb service!

All Seniors are required to:

  • return their school laptop & charger
  • pay school and lunch debt 
  • return textbooks, uniforms, library books
  • request Final Transcripts to be sent to colleges
  • pick up any cords or awards if you earned them
  • pick up your diploma and diploma cover

Graduation ceremony is tentatively scheduled for June 25 @ KHS Stadium. More details will be announced closer to that time as state and CDC regulations allow.



May 19th, 2020

Online Senior Graduation Celebration Slideshows

All CMCSS high school online graduation celebrations will be posted on and social media on Thursday, May 21 at 4 p.m. Although the district planned to release these videos at the times and dates of the originally scheduled ceremonies for each school, we want to celebrate the district’s almost 2,400 graduates in unity. Be sure to watch when you can and share this info with your friends!

May 13th, 2020

Graduation Cap and Gown Orders

Class of 2020 – New Cap and Gown orders – revised May 13, 2020

Seniors who have NOT ordered or reordered a cap and gown will need to do so if you plan to participate in the planned graduation ceremony this summer. You will need to order the CAP & GOWN UNIT on the website. Tassel, Diploma and diploma covers are already included in the pricing.


The direct link and details on how to order are posted on the Kenwood High website and the Senior Class website. Once your order is paid for, it will be mailed to your home.

The direct link to the page is below. You will need to scroll down to see the Cap & Gown Unit.

April 30th, 2020

JOSTENS Cap and Gown Orders and Payments – Please Read!!

Updated: 5/19/20

PLEASE Use the link provided below to order or re-order the basic cap & gown pkg. online.  Once paid for your order will be mailed to the address you provide.




Parents & Seniors:  If you have NOT ordered a graduation cap & gown  OR  if you ordered at school using the BASIC ORDER FORM, you will now need to ORDER  -OR-  RE-ORDER ONLINE due to the school closures and CDC/COVID restriction.

This applies to all seniors who ordered the BASIC required package only and were expecting to pay on delivery day. Do not worry, you won’t be charged for a duplicate order.

Orders that have already been paid for are now being mailed to your homes by the Jostens Rep.

If you still owe payments for an order you placed a deposit on, you will need to finish those payments online to receive your order by mail. You were sent an email or text from Jostens with a code/password OR you can use “lookup” to access your account up info. You must know the email address used.  Go to Jostens Payments.

I have included the step-by-step instructions for the Basic Cap & Gown ORDERS AND RE-ORDERS  and the online payment instructions on the Senior Class Website.

KHS Graduation dates are tentatively set for June 25 or July 16 at the KHS Stadium depending on state and CDC regulations at that time.

Please email Jill Smith, Senior Class Sponsor if you have questions about graduation orders.

April 23rd, 2020

Important Updated Parent – Student Information

Revised:  4/27/20

  • Transcripts must be requested through the students’ Naviance accounts under My Colleges
  • Questions about paying student debt must be sent to AnnMarie at:
  • CMCSS is developing a plan for returning items such as laptops and textbooks.
  • All 3rd Nine weeks grade enhancement/enrichment assignments or any other course make-up assignments must be completed by May 6, 2020.
  • Grade enhancement / enrichment assignments link:
  • Make-up assignments for N3 course failures: see the teacher’s Google Classroom
  • All credits required for graduation must be completed by May 8, 2020.
  • Jostens is mailing graduation orders to your home. Please check the Senior Class website or the here on the Kenwood High website for further updates as information changes!

For additional information try our official FaceBook accounts:

Kenwood High School (Clarksville TN)     OR    Kenwood Class of 2020 (new alumni group)

April 21st, 2020

KHS 3rd Nine Weeks (N3) Enrichment Assignments


KHS is offering Enrichment Assignments for students to have the opportunity to RAISE their N3 grades to the next letter grade up if they were passing the original assignment – if they made a B, C, or D).

Access Enrichment Assignments HERE:

Assignments should be turned in to their teachers’ Google Classrooms no later than Wednesday, May 6 or by emailing it to their teacher – ( by the deadline stated.

For assistance with the assignment, students should reach out directly to their teacher via email.

Examples (per class)

Students with a B for N3 can get a 93

Students with a C for N3 can get an 85

Students with a D for N3 can get 75

We hope that you will encourage your students to improve their grades using these assignments because N3 now will become their Semester 2 grade!

Students who failed a class for N3 (Below 70) should use the assignments provided to them on their Google Classrooms to raise their grade to passing.



April 21st, 2020

Senior Class and Scholarship Websites

The Senior Class 2020 website is

The College & Scholarship website is

April 21st, 2020

Scholarship Applications Update

Seniors – All scholarship applications that were to be submitted through the school counselors office will need to be submitted to Mrs. Harvison by email immediately.  If  you have not been able to send in scholarship applications since March 13th, please notify Mrs. Harvison of that as well.  Mrs. Harvison is the School Counselor for Seniors 2020.

This includes any applications that were to be submitted to Mrs. Harvison for the Sankofa Scholarship.

Please also check your NAVIANCE accounts under scholarships to see what may still be available.

Remember to check the deadlines for any scholarship applications you are currently working on. You will have to contact them about the possibility of extending deadlines for any extenuating circumstances IF the deadlines were AFTER March 13. (That was the last day of being in the school buildings for CMCSS.)  Please understand that they are under no obligation to extend deadlines if the applications were posted prior to the school closures.

If you were given the paper version of the Jackie Louise Scholarship and you need the online MS Word version, please refer to the Senior Class website under the College & Scholarships tab. There is a link provided to email the application to. Please complete ASAP!

If you are attending APSU, please check their Freshman Scholarships AND their general scholarships tab on their website.  The Kathryn Elizabeth Watson Over Scholarship at Austin Peay State University is a scholarship is to be awarded to a new APSU freshman for Kenwood grads only by a family foundation.  This scholarship is listed under the general scholarships, not the Freshman ones awarded directly by APSU.

April 17th, 2020

Senior Exit Survey for Ms. Shonda

A message for all Seniors from Ms. Shonda:

“What a weird year this has been! Nevertheless, a CELEBRATION of some sort is in order! I’m working on a couple things for you. Please help me by completing this survey no later than next Friday, April 24th. Thanks!

If you know that someone doesn’t get my texts, please send the link to them.”